Photo of The EnquiristHello, world! I’m Severin. Around these parts I’m known as “The Enquirist”. Yes, it’s a bit grandiose, but it says something about the purpose of this blog. I’m here to make enquiries, and hopefully, come up with a few answers. What kind of enquiries you ask? Mostly about programming, technology, and entrepreneurship, though you’ll have to forgive me if I stray on occasion. Enquiry is a fundamental part of being human and I’m excited that you’re here to join me on this journey.

You will find that many of the posts and resources on this blog are about coding and computer science. When it comes to these fields, I would ask that you bear with me. My coding journey is very much in the early stages and I fully expect to make mistakes. Possibly lots of them. That’s why I’m here though — to work through problems in an open forum, and perhaps, help others who are facing similar issues. If I post something that is incorrect it’s because I’m still a newbie. Feel free to leave a comment and lend your expertise. I would love for you to be part of the conversation.

If you check out my Github portfolio you’ll see that I am currently a student at Launch School, an online coding school. At the moment, that is my primary educational focus; however, it’s only one resource of many incredible resources that I’ve discovered out there. I have been very happy with Launch School’s format and I highly recommend it to others who are ready for a long, mastery-based journey. Although I have learned a great deal, it’s clear to me that there is much left to learn. The deeper I go into the programming rabbit hole, the more I am discovering that it is a hole of almost infinite depth. There is so much to learn and so little time.

Enough about me — I want to hear about you! Are you on a similar learning journey? Are you a code newbie trying to develop new skills? If so, send me a note and introduce yourself. I’m always excited to meet a fellow traveller.

Finally, let me say thank you for visiting my blog and lending your support. Enquiry is best done together, so I’m glad you’re here.