A Southern Experience

What follows is not a restaurant review, it’s an experience review, because that’s what dining at Husk is, an experience. Good dining is about more than just good food. It begins with the anticipation of a good meal, and ends with a satisfied afterglow. It’s the sum of all your sensory and emotional input over the course of a meal. The staff at Husk know this, and approaches the job accordingly. The entire aesthetic experience at Husk is, in a sense, curated. From the moment you approach the late 19th century Victorian house where Husk resides, to the time you pay your bill, you feel taken care of, like you’re part of the family. But this isn’t just any family. … Continue enquiring

Barreled Refinement

Dear reader, if you’re a cocktail aficionado, as I am, no doubt you are familiar with the recent trend of barrel-aging libations. I trust that you have taken it upon yourself to try your hand at this mystical art. If however, you have been remiss in this regard, then I hope you will find inspiration in the description to follow. And for you rookies in the cocktail game, this is your chance. Start your journey with a barrel, and you won’t be disappointed in where it takes you. Barrels have been around since at least the 4th century BC, when the Celts are believed to have developed the wooden barrel through adaptation of ship-building techniques. Sturdy, water tight, and easy … Continue enquiring

A Day in the Desert

Mehedi’s email is very clear. Ominous even. Buy your ticket inside the visitor center and don’t listen to the people outside the gate. “These people spend the whole day waiting to ‘catch’ tourists and they will lie with you quite happily and tell you they are me, or work for me!” OK, message received. Ignore the people at the gate. “My friend! My friend! Where are you from? Who are you looking for?” A man approaches our car as we park outside the visitor center. He wears traditional bedouin garb with a long brown tunic and a checkered red and white kafiyeh around his head. We’re an hour late and the sun is beginning to set behind the the sandstone … Continue enquiring

Enter, The Enquirist.

Welcome to The Enquirist! Our mission is to promote a healthy and well-informed lifestyle, while never losing focus on the most important thing: happiness. We hope that you, the reader, will see The Enquirist both as an escape and as a portal to new ideas. The Enquirist is a lifestyle publication aimed at readers who have never lost the urge to discover new things. Whether it be an amazing travel locale, or a great book to relax at home with, we cover things great and small. The Enquirist is about exploration, and we can’t wait to take you with us on many new adventures.